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New Superintendent Podcast: Science Research with Thea Barbelet and Paul Williams

Senior Thea Barbelet and junior Paul Williams recently sat down with Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter to discuss their experiences with the high school’s three-year Science Research program.

The students talked about how the Science Research program works through the years, from posing an initial idea to developing that idea by reading scientific papers and coming up with a problem to be solved to gathering data, running hypotheses, writing papers and participating in local and regional science competitions.

Thea’s passion is bees; she has been studying new types of pesticides and how they affect these critical creatures. Paul discovered an interest in nanotechnology and how it can help detect and kill cancer.

Both students emphasized that the program requires a tremendous amount of dedication, whether it is poring through scientific papers or applying to labs in order to work with a scientist/mentor.

Paul has been working at a lab at Sloan Kettering in New York City, where, at first, he basically shadowed his mentor, but eventually was able to work independently. “I figured out what I needed to do in the lab, and everyone is very friendly and supportive if I need any help.”

Thea worked at the Teatown Environmental Science Academy (TESA), where was immersed in fieldwork conducting her own research. She said that she always knew she loved nature and the environment, but the Science Research program helped her pinpoint what she really loves. She’ll be attending SUNY Binghamton next year, where she will be able to continue her research “on a much higher level.”

Listen to the full interview by clicking the link below:

Podcast with Thea Barbelet and Paul Williams 

Thea Barbelet and Dr. Christine Rogers

 Dr. Christine Rogers and Paul Williams