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Hailey Kissner Presents at New England Research Symposium

Hailey Kissner traveled to Boston last month for the fourth annual New England Research on Dyslexia Society or NERDY symposium.

At NERDY, top researchers in the field, including Hailey’s mentor, Meaghan Perdue, presented their findings.

"It was amazing sitting before researchers whose papers I had read,” said Hailey. “I was star struck.”

Following presentations by top researchers, Hailey participated in a poster session, sharing her research with educators and researchers about the brain’s visual system among poor readers.

Hailey will be attending Thomas Jefferson University in the fall, in the five- year physician assistant program, and hopes to expand her research looking at EEG (electroencephalogram) tests. She encourages any student with an interest in science to join the high school’s Science Research program.

Hailey Kissner at NERDY conference