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A Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Hendrick Hudson Families:

Since the announcement of Indian Point’s closure, back in January of 2017, the district has taken a number of steps to identify both cost savings and potential funding opportunities in order to counter the anticipated 30% drop in revenue the closure represents.

As we determine the best way to meet this fiscal challenge, we remain 100% committed to maintaining the kinds of outstanding educational opportunities that define our district, such as performing arts, STEM learning, and athletics.

Opportunities for increasing revenue include the New York State Cessation Mitigation Fund (money set aside for communities losing a power plant). Legislation in Washington is being considered to provide payment to the district and local communities for storing and securing the spent fuel on the plant's site.

A 1% county sales tax increase has translated into an additional, unexpected $600,000+ in district revenue, the equivalent of more than a 1.5% property tax reduction, and the district continues to partner with the Town of Cortlandt on efforts to increase business development opportunities and expand the tax base in our community.

At this week’s Board of Education meeting, I presented an overview of a Cost Analysis Study commissioned by the district to examine potential cost-saving measures. The study began one year ago and was completed last month.  The aim of the study was to examine the utilization of the district's schools to determine if we would experience significant cost savings by:

  • reorganizing elementary students
  • moving 5th grade to Blue Mountain Middle School
  • reducing class sections at the High School, based on enrollment

My presentation, in full, can be found here: Cost Analysis Update: BOE 12-4-2019, and the full report can be found here.

 I want to underscore two vitally important points:

  1. No decisions have been made to adopt a recommendation, and
  2. If a recommendation is to be implemented, this would not occur until September 2021, at the earliest.

After the New Year, we will schedule meetings in each school, and throughout the community, so your questions can be addressed and we can outline next steps. We will keep you informed via the district website, email communication and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me at (914) 257-5112 or



Joseph E. Hochreiter