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District Recognized with ‘Community Celebration Award’

The Hendrick Hudson School District has a proud history of rising to any challenge. Earlier this month, Project Lead the Way, a nationwide nonprofit organization behind the high school's STEM programs in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Science courses, recognized the district yet again - this time with a Community Celebration Award for its many positive actions throughout the pandemic.

These awards applaud communities for coming together to care for one other in times of need. The District's award shines a bright light on the students, teachers and community members who have demonstrated collaboration, leadership, and service throughout a very challenging time.

The Community Celebration Award recognizes the following:

  • The district’s food service staff, who began serving and delivering thousands of meals to students in need, including meals to last through the weekend, the moment schools were closed due to the pandemic.
  • Middle school students who organized multiple collections of food items and other necessities for those in need within the community.
  • The high school’s PLTW Medical Interventions students, who created a public service announcement-style video to demonstrate correct techniques for the then-new recommended health measures, such as hand washing and mask wearing.
  • Two high school students (also PLTW students), who coordinated a drive to collect sporting equipment for underprivileged youth, both in the U.S. and around the world.
  • A technology team that ensured digital equity to the district’s students, through district-supplied Chromebooks and collaboration with the local library in order to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for all.

“As a PLTW Community Celebration Award Recipient, our school community shows how no action is too small, and together our impact is large,” said Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter. 

Previous awards include the high school's recognition three times as a PLTW School of Distinction, and Dr. Jeanine Hall has been named a PLTW Biomedical Sciences Teacher of the Year, a nationwide honor.

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