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High School’s ENL Program Welcomes Students and Families at Outdoor Event

“This program has been amazing,” said sophomore Amy Ramon.  “Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to learn English.”

Amy was with her family, attending a recent information session for students in the high school’s ENL (English as a New Language) program. Families sat at tables outside, enjoying a meal prepared by Clare Carey and her staff, listening as the ENL team described the program and the many resources that are available.

ENL teachers Deborah Levy and Sonal Patel-Sheth, along with school counselor Jessica Downey, welcomed both new students and those who have been with the program for a number of years. “We are like a family here,” said Patel-Sheth.

Elise Landseburg from the Hendrick Hudson Free Library was also on hand to share information about the library’s many resources and services for students and families, such as homework help; private study rooms; free Wi-Fi, along with portable hotspots that can be borrowed for home use; quiet study rooms; college planning assistance; and more.

The ENL program’s primary objective is to teach newcomers English and to continue to support them as they progress in the content areas of math, English, science, and social studies. 

“Just as importantly, ENL teachers help English Language Learners and their families adapt to American culture and to the culture of the school,” said Levy.  “Adapting to both a new country and a new school can be daunting, and we take great care to make sure students and their families feel comfortable enough to take the risks necessary to interact in their new school and community.”

Downey oversees graduation requirements, making sure the ENL students stay on track. She also assists those student who are interested in Career and Technical Education programs at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES.

Throughout the evening, translator Claribel Laker conveyed all pertinent information in Spanish.

“I have learned so many strategies, not just for reading and speaking English, but for plenty of other subjects, as well,” said Amy. “It has been wonderful to be a part of this program.”

ENL info sessionENL info session

 ENL info session