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Buchanan-Verplanck Announces its 2021-22 Student Ambassadors

Lilly said the experience was nerve-wracking but exciting, while Aiden called the process “crazy.” However, both Buchanan-Verplanck fifth graders are thrilled to be named B-V Ambassadors for the 2021-22 school year and can’t wait to get started in their new roles.

B-V Ambassadors are student leaders whose responsibilities include greeting new students and their families; participating in welcome tours; preparing introductions for concerts, assemblies and special events; and helping “catch” positive behaviors in school and on the bus.

“In our new world, the students are also helping come up with safer and more creative ways to be an Ambassador,” said Principal Josh Cohen. “Last year students worked on video messages about safety, Citizen of the Month traits and other methods to communicate and celebrate what’s great about B-V.”

Each fall, Cohen introduces the program to the school’s fifth grade classes, and anyone interested in becoming an Ambassador submits a written application. Students are asked to describe why they would be qualified for the role, the impact a specific teacher has had on them, what they love about B-V, etc. Based on their written submissions, candidates are then selected for the final round in the application process: an interview with the principal, as well as other school community members.

This year, the interview committee included Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services Ellen Garguilo, Interim Executive Director of Educational Support Services Dr. Joe Mosey, B-V Safety/Security Officer Rob Riley, and Detective Courtney Loertscher of the Buchanan Police Department.

During the interviews, students were asked about their interest in the position, their own B-V experiences, and how they would handle various situations with peers to improve the school community. "We had our largest turnout yet for this opportunity, and we were so impressed with all of the students,” said Cohen.

“It was an honor to be part of the B-V Ambassadors interview process,” said Mosey. “The students really knocked it out of the park.”

Following the interviews, students found out whether they had been selected or not, and emotions ran high. Upon hearing that he was selected, one student cried tears of joy, while another jumped up in the air, shouting, “I can’t believe this, I have always looked up to the B-V Ambassadors, and now I am one!”

The 2021-22 B-V Ambassadors are Kaelyn A., Lilly A., Randy A-T., Bianca B., Carrington B., Rylee B., Charlotte B., Tyler B., Simona C., Taylor C., Sebastian C., Max D., Kayle D., Anthony G., Daniel H., Mariely H., Casey L., Amanda M., Chloe M., Kiehley M., Ariana P., M.J. P., Xavi R., Aiden S., Addison S., Ella S., Suri T., Mia T., Xavier T., Elisabeth V., Olivia V. and Kane W.

Aiden, who had described the process as “crazy,” spent multiple nights preparing the written application. “After that, I thought I was done, but then there was the interview!” Afterward, he admitted the process wasn’t too bad and that he felt relieved and happy to be named an Ambassador. Charlotte said that she actually enjoyed the interview process, “especially the part where the three judges all gave me a thumbs up!”

“When I had my interview, I was so scared,” said Mia. “But when I heard that I was going to be a B-V Ambassador, I wanted to cry happy tears!” Lilly said that she felt the experience would help her with job interviews in the future. “I am really excited to be an Ambassador and can’t wait to help everyone,” she said.

“I had the privilege of welcoming Xavi into the B-V Ambassadors,” said Garguilo. “He proudly shared that he has the skills to help other students who may have a problem. His essay was well written, and he was complimented on his thoughtful suggestions.”

Detective Loertscher said that she appreciated the opportunity to participate in a number of the Ambassador interviews “I wish I could have stayed for more,” she said. “The standout memory for me was seeing how much earning the title of B-V Ambassador means to the students.”

B-V Ambassadors 2021-22 SLIDESHOW

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