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FGL Fourth Graders Create “Sailor Pride” Newspaper

A group of FGL fourth graders who enjoy writing put their heads together and came up with the idea of publishing a school newspaper. The Sailor Pride Paper came out just before the holiday break, with a special Winter edition featuring stories about New Years Eve, tips for staying warm in the cold weather, a "Meet the Teacher" interview, and a variety of illustrated features and comics.

"The students came up with the idea for the newspaper and all of the story ideas themselves," said teacher Megan Boyle. "They presented their idea to the principal, and once they got the go-ahead, they worked really hard to put it all together."

Ava Hallowell, one of the students who worked on the paper, said that producing the newspaper "was a good way to learn about writing."

The students, who are from all different FGL fourth grade classes, brainstormed topics during their lunch and recess periods and then worked on their pieces at home. They are hoping to produce the newspaper monthly and are busy working on their second issue.

"I like to work with my friends and learn team-building skills, said Sofia Santiago, who contributed a comic about Santa to the first issue. "We worked together to make something super fun."

Violet Van Dekker added "I liked being able to work with my friends and use all of our different skills."

The fourth-grade students who were involved in creating the new publication are: Ava Giarusso, Ava Hallowell, Amber Leach, Zanobia Lovell, Lisa Lush, Aubrey Moore, Bryden Ordonez, Raquel Rocha, Cadence Roldan, Sofia Santiago, Elise Van Dekker and Violet Van Dekker.

To read the newspaper, click the following link:

FGL Fourth graders with new newspaper