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Future Classmates Enjoy "Combo" Field Day

“I know you – you’re my pen pal!” said one student excitedly to another while climbing on some playground equipment at Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School.

It was exactly the type of friendly connection the district is hoping to nurture through a range of Princeton Plan transition activities. The first and second grade students on the playground were from all three elementary schools, and they were enjoying a special field day, held at the school they will attend in the fall.

Another group of students could be found in the gym, following along during a high-energy line dance activity with P.E. teacher Derek Kisslinger. “This is definitely helping them get familiar with their new school,” said future B-V principal Donna Torrisi. “Many of them are recognizing one another from activities out in the community, such as sports teams or camp.”

Similar activities were taking place at the same time at Furnace Woods and Frank G. Lindsey.

Over at FW, students who are heading into fourth and fifth grade next year were joining forces as they ran relays, tossed water balloons and played limbo. At FGL, the district’s kindergarteners were getting to know one another while enjoying games like Musical Hoops and Rainbow Run.

After all the games and activities, and before boarding buses back to their current schools, the students had the opportunity to have lunch together.

The “combo field day” was the latest transition activity for Hen Hud students as the district prepares to implement the Princeton Plan in September, with kindergarten and first grade at FGL, second and third grade at B-V, and fourth and fifth grade located at FW.

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