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Hall of Fame Highlights Women’s History

This spring, students in Kerri Houlahan and Halette Sharkey’s fourth grade class at FGL have been studying women’s suffrage. “The students couldn’t believe all of the rights that women were denied in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s,” said Houlahan. After hearing some stories about how women have fought for their rights, the class decided to create a “Women’s Hall of Fame” and induct some famous women from American history.

The students worked together in groups, with each group choosing a famous woman to research. They read articles, took notes, and then each group created a campaign poster to convince the rest of the class to choose their candidate for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Each group shared with the class why they felt the woman they researched was so important, and then the class voted on who they thought should be inducted. After the votes were counted, the class inducted Susan B Anthony, Sojourner Truth and Eleanor Roosevelt.

“The students said that they loved learning about the impact these women had on society,” said Houlahan.

Women's Hall of Fame at FGLWomen's Hall of Fame at FGL