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Superintendent Podcast: Bus Routes Under the Princeton Plan - With Supervisor of Transportation Liz Gilleo

With the district preparing to implement the Princeton Plan in September, the Transportation Department has been developing the most efficient bus routes to transport Hen Hud students to and from their schools. Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter recently chatted with Supervisor of Transportation Liz Gilleo regarding transportation planning in the district.

The district’s goal is to create routes and bus stops that will allow for the safe transport of students while keeping the maximum time spent on any bus to under 40 minutes. Hochreiter noted that under the district’s current transportation plan, this is not an uncommon amount of time for some of the district’s students to ride the bus.

This fall, children may be getting on and off the bus at different bus stops than they are accustomed to, in order to increase efficiency and reduce ride time. Gilleo explained that some children who have not needed to cross a street in the past may need to do so under the new plan, while others who have crossed streets under the current plan may not have to do so next year.  She emphasized, however, that no student will be expected to cross a road that isn’t already on one of the district’s current routes. In other words, no new roads will be crossed by any children.

Hochreiter noted that grades K-3 will be riding the same bus next year, whether they are attending Frank G. Lindsey (K-1) or Buchanan-Verplanck (grades 2 and 3). This arrangement will allow many of the youngest students to ride the bus with an older sibling.

Gilleo explained that students will receive a color-coded backpack tag that will identify which school they are attending.  This will make it easy for drivers and staff to know which children are to get off at each school.

While preliminary bus runs have already been provided to families, Gilleo said that final bus routes will come out in mid-August. She emphasized that anyone with questions can reach out to her by email at or by phone at (914) 257-5200.

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