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A Letter from the Board of Education

Happy Fall, Hendrick Hudson Community!

The first few months of the school year have been eventful, both exciting and challenging. The Board of Education is honoring our commitment by holding another Community Meet Up session. 

We hope you have been able to join us, or listen in to our scheduled Board of Education meetings, but if you have not, here is a short update:

We have made some important changes to our agenda format, spent time celebrating amazing students and staff, previewed an informative presentation on our Districtwide Strategic Plan, and engaged in some difficult discussions regarding the transition to the Princeton Plan.  The purpose of these conversations is to understand where we are today, ensure we are meeting our goals, and continue to move our district forward in an open and transparent manner. 

The role of the Board of Education is to provide the mission, create the vision, and set the goals of the district by managing and overseeing district policies.  It is also our responsibility to measure the success of our decisions, and take action when needed, by way of voting.  It is important to remember that we work directly with the superintendent, as it is the superintendent’s role to implement our district policies to ensure we meet district goals while providing the best experience to our students.  

As parents and community members, it is essential to understand the role you play in ensuring issues are raised and communicated in the correct manner.  We are always here to listen and guide you. When inquiring about student related challenges, we encourage parents to begin with the teacher and/or building principal. It is important to follow the chain of command and advance any issues or concerns as needed. The board respects the decision-making process within our district and hopes the community does as well.  

The board will be available to meet with community members prior to our November 30th meeting from 5:30pm to 6:30pm in the Hendrick Hudson High School Library.  Please click HERE   to sign up for a 20-minute session. We ask that attendees continue to be respectful and supportive of each other during these sessions.  Each session will be attended by a minimum of two board trustees, but no more than three. We are thankful for the support we have received and look forward to serving our community.

We are Sailors.  We are #OneHenHud

Your Board Trustees,

Alexis, Ali, Cory, Erica, Jenn, Jeremy and Stephanie