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Henna Tattoos, Bollywood Music and More Bring Indian Culture to HHHS Classrooms

ENL teacher Sonal Patel-Sheth turned a recent trip to India into a teachable moment for her English Language Learners (ELL) and Global 9 students at Hendrick Hudson High School.

Upon her return from a family wedding in India, she introduced her students to many different Indian traditions, cultural celebrations and customs, such as henna tattoos.

The students watched a slideshow of Hindu wedding rituals, sampled a variety of Indian snacks, and listened to Bollywood music while applying their own henna tattoos.

As her trip also included a stopover in the United Arab Emirates, Patel-Sheth shared a slideshow with her students on the geography of the region and Islamic culture and beliefs.

Students learn about Indian cultureStudents learn about Indian cultureStudents learn about Indian culture