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National Art Honor Society Induction and High School Art Show

Hendrick Hudson High School’s National Art Honor Society held its annual Induction Ceremony and Art Show at the high school library on Friday, May 19.

To be accepted into the NAHS, a student must be enrolled in an art course, have an 80+ average, complete a community service art project, and attend at least 10 NAHS meetings.

This year’s inductees are:

Anthony Ciampi

Emily Dong

Diego Klinger

Isabella Gatto

Sam Gatto

Layla Herman

Josie Kazepis

Ve Lenz

Castalia Litos

Kiara Mendez

Lena Pfeiffer

Jackson Rose

Sofia Sulflita

Trishia Vosortros

A variety of student work was on display at the high school art show, from paintings and collages to digital art. Student paintings of children's book characters will next be displayed at Frank G. Lindsey.

Alumni speaker Tommy Lorio shared his experience of continuing with art after graduating from Hendrick Hudson High School:

"I used to define myself as an artist by my output - how many sketches, drawings, and paintings I made. This mindset encouraged me to stay creating, always pushing me to keep going, but if I went too long without drawing or left pieces unfinished, it would eat away at me, making me question whether I was worthy of calling myself an artist.

“But as I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve started to realize an artist isn’t defined by their output, but their input. An artist’s eyes are special. We see the world through lenses that perpetually hunt for beauty in the mundane. The intricate color tones on a rusty drain cover, fallen petals strewn in the gutter, a mess of power lines silhouetted against a pastel sunset…how a loved one’s eyes crinkle when they laugh, swirls of milk filling a cup of coffee, that particular shade of green you only see in tree leaves backlit by the summer sun.

“So, this is my advice to young artists: don’t obsess over what you make, but rather on what you see. Romanticize all the tiny, fleeting, easily ignored moments of life, and you’ll always feel worthy of calling yourself an artist."